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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Follow our 3-step process for ordering:

Step 1, select your garland design; we have 20 preset designs, as well as a “choose your own adventure” option for choosing up to 6 custom colors.

Step 2,choose the arrangement for the colors in your garland to be a ‘mixed’ or ‘color blocked’ (see garland product page for further details). 

Step 3, Select your pickup date & follow payment prompts to finalize.

“Grab & Go” pickups are available on Thursday & Friday ONLY.  We are posting this limited pickup window in order to continue offering last minute service.  We require 48 hrs notice for all “Grab & Go” garlands.

The hard work is done!  Your garland order has been sent to our design team to be processed for building.  You will receive a receipt for your payment that also confirms your selected pick up date.  Be sure to reference this document at any time for confirmation information.

Our online ordering platform provides secure credit card transactions for your payment.  One less thing to worry about on pickup day!  All sales are final.

We are proud to say, nearly zero negative impact!  All of our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable from select trusted manufacturers.  Latex is responsibly sourced & manufactured.

All “Grab & Go” purchases are final.  We understand that “stuff happens.” If a circumstance arises, please let us know, & we will offer possible solutions, but cannot issue a refund for your purchase.

Our team is here to help you load your garland for safe transport.  We do recommend an suv, with seats down & clear trunk space.  This guarantees your garland safe passage to wherever your party is!

If your event is a couple of days away, have no fear!  Balloons kept indoors, in a temperature controlled environment will still look amazing for celebration day!

We’ve made this process easy too.  Using the provided command hooks, for a non-destructive adhesive wall mount.  Your garland's built in “attach points” (aka ribbon on the back of your garland) will slip right onto the command hook.  Voila!  Adjust your garland to desired orientation.

The balloons can be disposed of like standard any standard landfill trash or in compost.  They break down at a similar rate to a maple leaf.  Don’t be afraid to repurpose your balloons though.  If kept indoors, some garlands will last a very, very, VERY long time.